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The Rebellion

rebelWe have always faced those who would control us. The religious and political, social and cultural guardians who would lead us on paths of thought and action bound not to reason and spirit but tradition and orthodoxy of thought.

The Liberal and Conservative, the Feminist and the the Patriarchy hold more in common than they do apart it seems at times.

Rebellion is simple, it is teh refusal to have ones thoughts and expression dissuaded by those whose ability  to rationally and critically look at life is clouded by ideology of any stripe.

We decide what we think and in the end, this matters.

What is sexual, erotic, acceptable, taboo, hated, loved, feared and sought after are in the end individual choices.

I tell you this.

Be wary of  those who would claim to share their education, they awakenings and learning, their teachings and understandings with you. Be wary of me when I do this as well. Be wary, always.





It is said that America has a rape culture. To some degree I agree but in large part I must dissent.

Certainly compared to some nations our rate of sexual assault is quite high, compared to others we are rather low. So why is this?

Is rape and violence a cultural thing or a species wide thing?EnslavedAfricansinHoldofSlaveShip1827

Certainly America was built on a bedrock of misery and pain.

African slaves were bought and sold in horrific conditions and suffered abuses that make the most perverted BDSM practitioners cringe.

The idea that blacks had it easy during slavery, a revisionist delusion that makes the rounds every now and then is simply insane and ignores all known fact and history.

Still, black slaves may have in some says had it ways compared to Americas native population. There was after all value in a slave, they were not cheap, and so keeping them moderately healthy and providing some comforts was in the interests of slave owners. The genocide and abuse of Native Americans however showed little restraint. but is America unique in this? hardly.

From Aztec to Roman culture, Egyptian and Greek, African to Asian all of humanities cultures with few exceptions have been steeped in slavery, cruelty and bloodshed to those around them.

it is a human condition.

So how do we fight it?

Here I talk about sexual and gender violence, exploitation and cruelty.

Women are by far the most victimized segment of the worlds population. Why?

Some argue that women are weaker and therefore easy prey, but to me this seems a simple and in the end false rational.

I argue instead that male sexuality is at its core violent. Certainly not for all men, but for enough of a percentage that it matters. Whats more, in groups that sexual violence tends to feed itself. We read of girls gang raped at parties or dowm rooms by groups of men who otherwise knew each other only slightly or not at all. How is this possible unless men by nature have an inborn sexual predator?

So what can we do about this if indeed it is the case.

call One can well argue that we must fight sexually violent imagery,  Television, pornography and video games, that we must supress and eliminate the violent male sex drive. The problem of course is that many of the cultures that do exactly that, Islamic, Chinese, Religious Conservative and social conservatism have much higher rates or abuse, rape and cruelty then cultures where sexuality and even violent sexuality are accepted and normalized between consenting adults.

No valid study linking media to rape has ever to my knowledge been produced and it is little surprise

After all, the most violent and exploitative periods in our history happened well before the internet and cable TV. The high points preceded violent video games and rape porn by quite a bit.

I would argue that embracing violence as a part of ones sexuality, doing so openly, consensually and with those who seek to be victimized is the same approach.

Now, you may scoff, who would want to be victimized you may ask, it seems an insane notion, one used as a justification of excuse.

The problem is, many women, intelligent, healthy, sexually liberated, spiritually aware women, do, and I mean many.

It is a part of female sexuality, this dynamic, this drive. I have simply known far too many women who express this to believe otherwise.

The ones who do not embrace it, who do not understand and make peace with it become the abuse victims, the battered wives and dead girlfriends of monsters.

The ones who do, who do not fight the darkness but make peace, who accept it as a part of themselves they can explore safely. those are whole.