Alebeard and his slave, partner, soul mate, best friend and co-conspirator Emma live in the beautiful pacific northwest plotting perversion and twisted fun abound.

As a part of our local BDSM community as well as the prestigious Kelly Kink Clan and the PLA, we find the Portland BDSM community to be an amazing place with some of the greatest people we know.

We started out in the San Fransisco BDSM community at a time when there was a collection of some of the kinkiest and most perverted people imaginable in the scene. While we don’t always agree with all scene structures and etiquette, we are proud to consider the BDSM world as our own.

While much of Alebeard’s Blog should be read in the humor filled spirit it was intended to convey, you will find many insights and honest opinions within.

We love comments in the blog as well as email, so please let us know what you think


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